Available Presentations for Management & Employees

Grief in the Workplace has a much larger impact than most employers realize. It manifests itself in wandering
attention, poor decision-making, memory lapses and difficulty working as part of a team. In some cases, these grief
symptoms can lead to negative safety or financial impacts for the employer. Your grieving employee will find it
difficult to return to ‘work as normal’ as they realize their sense of ‘normal’ has been changed forever. The effects of
grief in the workplace can be dramatically reduced through specialized coaching for the grieving employee, and
through awareness education for the grieving employee’s co-workers or teammates. Educating your employees on
effectively communicating with grieving employees will increase productivity, and reduce safety and interpersonal

 I offer a number of specialized grief presentations to my corporate clients, designed for interactive meetings with groups of employees.  I also offer more in-depth, full-day workshops intended for use with employee groups where a member has recently experienced a loss.  If desired, I can create custom presentations or workshops to address specific circumstances.

Grief in the Workplace…Navigating Your Team Through a Tough Transition

One of your top employees just lost their spouse.  What do you do?  What do you say?   How should you and your employees act toward the griever?  How can you make that person feel better?  We will uncover the hidden costs of grief in the workplace and how coaching can avoid those costly mistakes. Learn how grief in the workplace is impacting your business, increasing your overhead, and decreasing profitability.  Education is key to the recovery of the griever.  This 90-minute presentation is geared toward Business Owners, HR Managers and Supervisors. 


Learning outcomes:

  1. Impact on your business and money lost due to unresolved grief

  2. Stages and symptoms of grief

  3. Companioning your employee vs. avoidance and fixing

  4. Educate employees on how to interact with the griever

  5. Learn how coaching can help the grieving employee personally and professionally

What to Say & (What Not to Say)…How to Support Someone Who is Grieving

Your office mate just lost her husband.  Things pour out of your mouth that probably aren’t the best things to say to make her feel better.  Then you feel awkward.  So your defense mechanism kicks in and you decide that the best thing to do is to AVOID the topic.  Yep, you just don’t mention her husband at all, ever.  In reality, that does not help the griever at all.  I will show you how to address the elephant in the room and guide you to becoming great companions to your office mate that is suffering.  This one hour presentation is a great Lunch n’ Learn for employees. 


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Symptoms of grief and how to recognize them

  2. Five helpful things to say to your fellow employee

  3. Five not-so-helpful things to say to your fellow employee

  4. Companioning vs. Fixing

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