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Sharon Lapham, RCS

Relationship Coaching Specialist

My life has always been full of possibilities. I have been lucky enough to be able to learn and work in many amazing fields. From marketing to sales, to being a Mom running a day care center. However, I always had a nagging feeling that I wasn't reaching my full potential.  Then one day 9 years ago, my life was turned upside down.  My husband of 18 years was killed in a motorcycle accident.  With the unexpected loss of my husband and the prospect of grieving for him, assisting my two children who were deeply grieving, managing our household affairs, and trying to keep my children's upbringing and education on track took everything I had.  I had help from family and friends for awhile.  But, as you can imagine, their offers came less often over time.  They had their own busy lives and I understood that. It was an extremely challenging and difficult process and many times I found myself wishing there was someone who could guide me and help me find the path to get my life back into sensible order again.

Looking back on the many experiences I had and the things I learned along the way, I decided that I could make a real contribution by making this my life's work. I picked myself up and I haven't looked back since. After completing my Relationship Coaching Specialist training with The Institute of Life Coach Training, I can now combine those techniques and strategies with my own personal experience to offer truly effective coaching for those facing tough transitions. 

"My husband and I had lost the spark in our marriage.   We loved each other very much, but the hectic pace of our everyday lives had taken its toll on us.  We considered  marriage counseling, but it seemed a little extreme for our situation.  A friend recommended Relationship Coaching  as an alternative.  We were able to conduct our sessions over the phone in the privacy of our own home.  Sharon really listened to what our issues were and taught us better communication skills and time management to take advantage of our time together.  Her homework assignments were fun and so helpful.  Our marriage is better than ever and we are so glad we took our friend's advice."

                                     Denise & Keith M.

                               Colorado Springs, CO

The Institute for Life Coach Training is accredited by the International Coach Federation or ICF.  The ICF created Core Competencies and built a Code of Ethics, setting the standard in the coaching field.

Certified Seasons of Change Coach

Seasons of Change is a nature-based metaphor that provides guidance, direction, solace, and support to those in transition.  It provides you with a natural way to approach life's changes.


"After 21 years of marriage and a solid career, within one year my wife divorced me and I lost my job to corporate consolidation.  My orderly life was suddenly a mess!  I needed to find a new job and wanted to find a new special someone to share my life with.  It seemed overwhelming and I decided I needed someone with an outside viewpoint to help me create a plan and then implement it.  Sharon did exactly that.  Working together, she helped me to discover my inner desires and forge a strategy to achieve my new goals.  Now I have an entirely different career that I find challenging and refreshing.  With her help I have also found a wonderful woman and we are having a great time discovering all of the things we have in common, and making plans for our future.  I honestly don't think I would be anywhere close to where I am today without the coaching that Sharon provided.  She is priceless!"

                                                        Daniel T.

                                                St. Louis, MO