The Positive Grief Process... Finding Joy In Your Heartbreak

You may ask yourself, "How do I know if this type of coaching is for me?" 

Do any of these questions weigh on your mind?

  • Do you compare yourself with others that are grieving and feel as if you are lagging way behind in your grieving process?

  • Do you feel as if you just can't accept your loss?

  • Do you ever feel like you do not deserve to be happy again?

  • Do you feel as if you have to go through your journey alone?

  • Would you like to start dating again, but don't dare mention it to friends or family in fear of being judged?

If any of these strike a chord, you're not alone.  We have all experienced a loss at some time in our lives.  This is a tragic and devastating time for anybody.  It's important to accept that your feelings of grief are real and valid.  Your feelings are not bad, they just are.  During our journey through The Positive Grief Process, I will help you understand your feelings and walk beside you in discovering your New Normal.  Your life is not how you knew it.  After a loss, you feel more guarded, more anxious, and more overwhelmed.  I have been where you are and I scraped myself up from the darkest place.  Now, I love more.  I love deeper.  And I have discovered gratitude in the darkness.  I will share strategies and techniques with you so you can begin to find joy in your sadness.  Grieving is not an easy thing, but it will lead to new opportunities and new relationships.  Will you recognize them and act on them?  Getting the most positive outcome is where good coaching can make a big difference.

And that is why I created the 9 step program I call The Positive Grief Process.  Here are the the steps I will take with you, as we walk together down the path of change, to discover your New Normal.

  1. Discovery -  We will discuss your current situation, determine areas you would like to work on and assign each one a priority level. 

  2. Give Yourself Permission - Being open to accepting change and trying new things can bring about wonderful new experiences for you.

  3. Envision Your Re-Entry As a “ME” and not a “WE” - This is an exciting area where you will shift your focus and align your goals with your values.  We will grow your confidence so you can begin to take courageous action to live a more fulfilled life.

  4. Understanding Your Lost Relationship - I will encourage you to share memories of your loved one and delve deep into what the relationship was like.  It is much easier to understand what you want if you can honestly evaluate what you had.

  5. The Fitting Room of Change - Step in and try on your new ways of thinking and behaving.  By doing this in a judgement-free space you will feel confident to really give new ideas a whirl.  This is when the process starts to become fun!

  6. Put Your Plan In Motion - We will craft your plan and you will have a clear vision of the steps needed to achieve Your New Normal.  This is your time to shine!

  7. Making “You” Your Top Priority - Self-care is so important during your grief journey.  Walking, yoga, meditation, and writing in a journal are all beneficial to your healing.  I will share many ideas for “20 Minute Retreats”, so you can really pamper the hard-working You!

  8. Accepting Your New Club Membership - You didn’t sign up to be in the exclusive Widow or Widower Club.  Life dealt you a rough hand.  But you can carry your membership card proudly and be full of gratitude.  Why?  Because you only have one life and you deserve to be alive and happy!

  9. Giving Beyond Yourself - You are now in a great place in your life.  How about sharing what you’ve learned with others?  By giving back to the community and sharing your story, you not only help others, but you heal a little more too.

“Death ends a life, not a relationship.”

                                                                            ― Mitch Albom