Relationship Restoration

Our world runs on relationships, yet people often feel inadequate in their relationship skills.  Whether it’s with your life partner, co-worker, family member or your community, relationships are hard and all relationships need a “recalibration” from time to time.  An opportunity to step back and say, “How could I have handled that situation better?”  Or, “I wish I could have taken a breath before I reacted that way.”  We are so used to acting and behaving a certain way that it becomes habit. 

But guess what?  Behavior is a choice and it can be changed anytime.  Isn’t it time to strengthen the healthy relationships you already have and work on the ones that are in need of repair?

So, is Relationship Coaching for you?   Let's see.

  • Are you ready to make some positive changes in your current relationships?

  • Are you tired of falling for the same type of person and your relationships ending in disappointment?

  • Are you ready to shift your focus to getting the relationship you deserve?

  • Have you lost your spouse and are now ready to start dating again?

  • Are your relationships healthy but would just like to fine tune them a bit?

If you can see yourself in these or similar circumstances and you want someone to help you make a change for the positive, then let's get started!  During our time together, we will dig deep and uncover strengths that maybe you didn’t even know you had.  We will work diligently but we’ll  have some fun along the way too!  Whether you’re in a relationship now or you long to find the right person to share your life with, our coaching partnership will give you the necessary tools and skills to succeed.  Depending upon your individual circumstances, we will work on some or all of the following topics:

  • Discovery

  • Anatomy of a Relationship

  • The Power of Language

  • Effective Communication

  • Handling Conflicts Effectively

  • Better Manage your Reactions & Emotions

  • Behaviors That Need to be Avoided

  • Manage Your Expectations

  • Navigate New Relationships

  • Image Revamp (is the image that you portray serving you well?)

  • Dating & Flirting 101

  • Reinforce Relationship Changes